The Most Common Sleep Problems Men Face in The UK (And How to Fix Them)

The Most Common Sleep Problems Men Face in The UK Drift Sleepwear 

Sleep is a life-sustaining behaviour, which affects every single part of your body.

Sadly, 60% of men in the UK report struggling with disrupted sleep, while 42% don’t get good quality shut-eye at all, according to one national survey. The problem weighs heavier on men who are 30+, and men who don’t practise good sleep hygiene. However, nobody is actually above poor sleep.

Your brain, heart, lungs, metabolism, and immune function all depend on your rest and sleep. Quality sleep really matters! By improving your sleep, you will also improve your mood, relationships, and performance in business and life. And who doesn't want that!

Great sleep equals success. But sometimes you’re Connor McGregor fighting Khabib Nurmagomedov, and you don’t see a viable exit. Maybe it’s not about what you do, as much as it is… you know… what you wear to bed.

Let's explore some common problems that men experience and simple steps that could help to resolve them.

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1. You Are Worn Out & Tired, Even if You Are Sleeping the Recommended 8 Hours a Night.

Worn out shorts, and your gran’s old shirts may get you cookie points for being edgy on the gentrified streets of Dalston, but that’s not something anyone should wear to bed. That’s common sense, isn’t it? Yet, most men don’t think twice about their pyjamas.

The most common sleepwear is often not healthy, and healthy pyjamas are rarely common sleepwear. At the end of the day, your health is at risk. Uncomfortable pyjamas inhibit cardiac rhythm and melatonin production. This results in lowering your testosterone and can cause all kinds of nasty problems, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Melatonin is a sleep-regulating hormone that we already lack due to light pollution and heavy screen time at night. Wearing comfortable pyjamas helps men tune in with optimal sleep rhythm and help them gain the good quality rest they need.

2. You Are Waking Up All Sweaty in The Middle of The Night.

Did someone drop a bucket of water on you last night? Most men wake up all sticky and smelly, in beds that now resemble alligator swamps. That Wookie-armpit fragrance is not helping either. And you don’t need an expert to tell you this is not a healthy way to rest.

Men have a higher metabolic rate and easily overheat under heavy and synthetics fabrics that doesn't breath. Some may choose to sleep naked or just in underwear, but that brings a whole other set of concerns — including poor hygiene, infections, and skin problems.

The right kind of mens pyjamas are made out of breathable materials (such as organic cotton) and help your body regulate your core temperature, so you don’t wake up in a damp bed.

Organic Cotton Sleepwear for Men UK Organic Sleepwear for Men from Drift Sleepwear

3. Insomnia Plagues Your Rest Time on Most Nights.

Humans can’t fall asleep on command. But if we could, how great wouldn't that be!

The military-style shut-eye is not a technique for an average Joe. The harder you try, the harder it becomes to fall asleep. Sometimes your life and work interfere with your thinking process, and you may find yourself ruminating about that humiliating middle-school incident. Hang in there, buddy. The shame goes away eventually.

But If you’re tossing and turning on most nights, maybe something more sinister is at play here.

Uncomfortable mattresses, rugged bedsheets, and sleepwear made some synthetic materials are the main culprits behind non-medical sleep problems. If you’re tossing, turning, and bending to most unnatural positions while seeking comfortable relief, you’re doing it wrong.

Comfortable sleepwear is a no-brainer if you’re having trouble falling asleep. The right fabric, breathable materials, and the feeling like you’re wearing your birthday suit, even though you’re fully clothed is a priceless feeling only the right pyjamas can give.

In addition to this, stay clear of all screens at least an hour before bed and try to remove all light sources from your bedroom.

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4. Urinary Tract Infections Keep You Awake at Night.

Urinary tract infection is not just that weird STD scare that your girlfriend casually drops over dinner. Guys can also get that horrid burning sensation down there, which makes them binge-read the internet in a desperate attempt to rule out Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, and other nasty sex-drive killers.

UTIs are uncomfortable, unpleasant, and not talked about enough among guys. Sooner or later, most men will experience a nasty infection down there. Suppose the fabric is tightly pressing against your sensitive parts. In that case, you may unconsciously create a bacteria breathing festival that keeps even the bravest men running back and forth between the toilet and bed at night.

Comfortable pyjamas help with healthy and restful sleep, avoiding any potential bacteria-infested pockets down there. Oh, and try to wash your sheets at least once a week!

A Good Night’s Sleep is More Satisfying Than Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream On a Hot Summer Day.

It’s almost as satisfying as England winning the World Cup too. Good night’s sleep will carry the mood throughout the day, help you smash your to-do lists, satisfy your partner, and increase life quality.

Right sleepwear is the best investment under £100, and only second best investment at all — with a comfortable mattress taking the throne.

So, why not grab the gear that will help you improve your sleep today. Dress for rest, and discover the right fit for your midnight game.

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