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This can be a hot topic! Just ask your mates if they sleep naked or not - and you will probably be surprised at how strong everyones opinion is.

Why? Well it most likely is a behaviour that has been engrained in us since childhood. Naked sleepers have often done so for as long as they can remember, and the same goes for those of us who prefer PJs. Perhaps we copy a parent or just made up our mind a long time ago and never looked back.

Just like the debate around whether you should 'fold or scrunch' - this may never be resolved... but we are still keen to explore the pros and cons of both wearing pyjamas and sleeping naked and hopefully help you to decide which one is better for you and your individual needs!

So, what needs to be considered here?

Let's jump into it...

Organic Sleepwear for MenKāpiti Coast Pyjama Bottoms for Men from Drift Sleepwear

The Statistics

Before we get into the pros and cons, let's have a quick look at some of the statistics. According to a recent survey, looking at more than 1,200 people, it was found that 40% of adults in the United Kingdom wear some type of nightwear / pyjamas while sleeping. Just over 20% prefer wearing underwear to bed and roughly a third prefer to sleep in their birthday suit (sleep naked).

This means that the majority (over 60%) prefer to wear some kind of sleep attire, while the rest prefer to sleep nude, or don't mind either.

Interestingly, we found in our own independent survey that more people are unsatisfied with what they wear to bed than those that are satisfied (irrespective of what they currently wear, or don't wear!). Given we spend one third of our life sleeping - this is a pretty worrying statistic. 

Are Men Satisfied with sleepwear graph

This also suggests that even though we have strong opinions about what is 'right' to wear to bed.... most of us aren't even happy and don't bother to experiment enough to test out any alternatives!


How Sleepwear Impacts Sleep Quality

When talking about the the overall quality of your sleep, there are many factors that we need to take into consideration. Sleeping naked versus sleeping in pjs is only one factor of course. Others include the sleep environment, your stress levels, core temperature, blood pressure, what time you fall asleep etc. The list of factors that have an impact on your sleep is endless!

In saying that however, sleep quality is ultimately about limiting the amount of distractions that either prevent us from falling asleep or trigger us to wake up throughout the night.

With that being said... it is easy to jump to the conclusion that wearing nothing at all means that there won't be any distractions! But, this is a common misconception. It's more complicated than that, sorry. 

Let's explore this further.

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Body Temperature At Night

Many people find that sleeping in PJs or other sleepwear helps them stay comfortable, fall asleep faster, get in to a deep sleep and therefore ensure a good night's sleep. Sleeping in thicker pyjamas during the colder months of the year will also help you to stay warm if needed.

But when it comes to body temperature, the verdict is still out. Some people swear by sleeping naked because it allows their skin to breathe and keeps them cooler during the night. This is most often men because they sleep hotter at night and therefore require cooler temperatures than women. 

Yes - pyjamas add another layer, but they can also act as an insulating material between your skin and the bed sheets or duvet. It really depends on what materials your pyjamas are made of and what your sheets are made of. Sleeping naked against Premium Egyptian high thread count cotton will be a much more pleasant experience than cheap flannel or synthetic sheets.  

Is there a way that you can get the benefits of sleeping naked, while still wearing sleepwear?

By sleeping in sleepwear made by organic cotton you will reduce the heat and sweating by allowing a better airflow around the body. This helps to keep the body temperature at a pleasant level, which prevents sweat and moisture from happening, which will result in a better sleep. Sleepwear made from organic cotton is ideal to wear all year around due to it's temperature regulating and moisture wicking properties!

Nobody Likes Laundry

Laundry is a necessary evil. It’s one of those chores that we all have to do, but no one really enjoys.

Ironically, by sleeping naked you will need to do more Laundry! This is because your bed sheets will need to be washed more regularly as they are now the fabric that is closest to your body throughout the night. And let’s admit it, washing your pyjamas tends to be much easier than stripping off your bed sheets and washing them, drying, and ironing. So if you are not a big fan of laundry, then we recommend you wear pjs to bed!

By the way. It is recommended that you wash your pyjamas roughly twice a week. That’s because everyone naturally sweats throughout the night, releasing dirt and oils into the fabric.

Laundry - Sleepwear for MenPhoto by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Who Are You Sleeping With?

It might sound a bit strange that what you wear in bed could effect your relationship with your partner. But, it is actually true! In fact, it is believed that wearing pjs can actually make you feel more connected to your partner.

In the beginning of a relationship, most of us want to go that extra mile when it comes to our appearance, the way we look and act. But at the end of the day, it is important to feel comfortable in your relationship. And feeling comfortable is what pyjamas are all about! But try to avoid those worn out footy shorts from 10 years ago, especially as a first impression - as it may be your last!

For added bonus points... why not get a matching pyjama sets for you and your partner. it may sound cheesy, but hey, you can do whatever you want in the comfort of home. Have some fun with it!

Ofcourse there is still a time and a place for sleeping naked. Skin contact is clearly more arousing than clothed bodies. It's just about picking the right time and place.

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Consider Your Living Situation

Another aspect that might be worth considering when trying to figure out if sleeping nude or whether to wear pyjamas is best for you, is looking at your living situation.

Do you live alone or with a partner? Do you live with flatmates? Or, do you live at home with your parents?

One does not have to be a certified sleep science coach to know that sleeping naked, if you live with a group of people, could create some extremely embarrassing moments. Especially for any sleep walkers amongst us!

But if you are one of the lucky ones who live alone, then sleeping naked may be a great option for you. This is because there is no need to worry about who might drop by unannounced in the middle of the night.

Underwear Instead of Sleeping Nude?

We know that many, especially men, sleep in their underwear and maybe a t-shirt. However, using your underwear as your sleep attire could lead to some bad consequences.

Firstly, it is important that you make sure the underwear you sleep is is not too tight. Too tight underwear, worn over a longer period of time, could have a bad impact on your reproductive health (male fertility) and lower your semen quality and count.

We understand that sleeping in your underwear seems like a good option for those who are looking for a happy medium between sleeping nude and in pjs. If you insist on sleeping in your underpants, make sure they are not tight and restricting. 

Maybe a pair of pyjama shorts for men is what you need? They are fairly similar to a pair of loose boxers, with a bit extra space to ensure free movement (breathing space for your bits) and make sure you are comfortable in bed. So if you, or someone you know is a man who insists sleeping in his pants, then why not gift him with a pair of pyjama shorts for men!

Sleeping with tight and restricting clothing and mainly undergarments can also be bad for woman's health. It can result in yeast infections and skin problems. So, for women there are also many health benefits of either sleeping in loose and comfy clothing too.

Panama Printed PJ Shorts For Men In Organic Cotton
Panama Pyjama Shorts for Men (Organic Cotton) from Drift Sleepwear

What Kind of Pyjamas Should I Wear?

So, instead of sleeping in tight underwear, and therefore reducing the risk of the various consequences, why not try some pyjama shorts for men!

Although, it is important to remember that all pyjamas for men are not the same. The market for sleepwear for men has bloomed in the last couple of year and today there are so many different types and styles, and not only the standard striped and checked pyjama sets for men.

It is also worth remembering that the actual fabric, manufacturing and fit of the pyjama can play a significant role when it comes to the impact on your sleep quality. So, if you are someone who likes to wear sleepwear, it is important that you choose the right type to ensure a good sleep.


It is easy to say that there are many pros and cons when talking about if it is better to sleep naked, or to wear some kind of clothing at night time.

For example, during a warm summer night, it might be better for you to sleep naked or to wear lightweight clothing (like organic cotton pyjamas) to allow your body to stay cool.

However, in a cold climate or during the cold winter months, your body and sleep would benefit from you going to bed and sleep in some pjs, to keep you warm and cozy. Just make sure the clothes / pyjamas is not too tight or restricted as it can have bad effect on your sexual health and skin.

Other factors like laundry and living circumstances may come into play too... so it's clear there's no one size fits all, but hopefully you're clear on what's best for you! Thank you for reading this article were we discussed if it's better to sleep naked or with pjs/clothes! If you would like to read more, why not check out our article about "The Benefits of Organic Cotton & Why We Use It For Our Pyjamas."




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