5 Sleeping Trends For 2023

5 Sleeping Trends For 2023 Blog Article Drift Sleepwear

Are you getting enough sleep? It's a question we often ask ourselves, but it's not always easy to answer. With our busy lives, it can be hard to get the recommended eight hours of shut-eye each night. How do we get a better night's sleep? And what are the latest sleep statistics and trends?

In this blog post, we'll take a look at 5 sleep trends for 2023. So if you want to know more about our sleeping habits and sleeping trends for 2023, read on!

The Average Person In The UK Will Get 6 hours and 24 Minutes of Sleep Per Night In 2023.

According to recent studies, the average person in the UK is estimated to get 6 hrs and 24 minutes of sleep per night in 2023. This prediction follows a long-standing trend of decreasing sleep duration for the past decade, with more citizens than ever foregoing shut-eye in favour of their increasingly demanding jobs and lifestyles. Further research shows that a lack of sleep and bad sleep quality has drastic implications on physical and mental health and well-being, so it is essential to address this issue quickly and actively before major consequences occur.

Photo by elizabeth lies on UnsplashPhoto by Elizabeth Lies on Unsplash

71% of UK Adults Do Not Get The Recommended Seven To Nine Hours of Quality Sleep.

Sleep, sleep quality and healthy sleep patterns should be high on our list of priorities. However, the majority of UK adults are falling short of the necessary seven to nine hrs a night. And despite what some might think, the lack of quality sleep is not limited to students or people in specific industries. In fact, nearly three-quarters (71 per cent) of adults nationwide are not getting sufficient rest.

We know that sleep deprivation and not getting a good night's rest takes its toll on both our physical and mental wellbeing. But now it's time to take back control by implementing realistic plans and strategies to ensure we're giving ourselves enough time to unwind and relax before bed!

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One in Seven Brits Sleep Less Than Five Hours A Night.

It appears that British citizens are facing a distinct lack of quality sleep, especially with one in seven people regularly getting less than five hrs of rest a night. This should be alarming news for everyone as it can often lead to poor physical and mental health. Without better sleep habits, it is clear that the UK will face several health issues heading into 2023. It is time to get serious about improving our sleep practices so that we can look ahead to brighter days ahead.

Some Negative Effects of Long-Term Sleep Deprivation:

  • Decreased productivity at work or school
  • Lack of energy
  • Increased risk for diseases such as diabetes and heart disease
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Emotional distress and mood disorders
  • Memory loss
  • Weakened immune system

Photo by Kamil S on UnsplashPhoto by Kamil S on Unsplash

15.7 Million People Believe Their Lifestyle Is The Biggest Obstacle To Better Sleep.

It's no surprise that a whopping 15.7 million people in the United Kingdom, roughly 30 per cent of the population, feel that their current lifestyle is the biggest hindrance to getting a good night's sleep.

Between long working days, smartphones glued to our hands, and an ever-increasing pressure to consume more and do more, it's becoming increasingly difficult to switch off and get the restorative sleep we need. But now it's time to change this!

By making sure you get the best sleep possible this year and forward, your body will thank you! Do you want to learn more about what you can do to improve your sleep and therefore your overall health? Then head over to OUR BLOG which is filled with articles about sleep trends, wellness as well as the latest trends in sleepwear for men.

For 51% of Brits, It Takes Between 30 minutes And An Hour To Fall Asleep

Do you lie awake in bed at night, counting sheep and worrying about the day ahead? Does it take you over 30 minutes to get to sleep? Then you are (unfortunately) part of the majority! Because for 51% of all Brits, it takes them between 30 minutes and 1 hr to fall asleep. Which may not seem too bad, but each minute we spend awake in bed is one less minute we spend sleeping. The time adds up quickly!

Here are three quick fix which might help you fall asleep quicker:

  • Set your alarm and leave your phone. Scrolling on your phone won't make you tired or relaxed.
  • Invest in some new sleepwear for men. Ideally made from a breathable and soft material like organic cotton. 
  • Stay away from caffeine in the afternoon/evening.  

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The statistics show that the average person in the UK is not getting enough personal sleep, which can lead to health problems. Sleep is essential for our overall well-being. There are many positive effect by getting enough sleep each night. Everything from reduce anxiety to better immune system.

If you're struggling to get a good night's sleep, there are things you can do to improve your sleep habits. Consider talking to your doctor about changes you can make to ensure you're getting the rest you need.

In our blog, we also have a large number of articles about how you can get a better night's sleep. Articles about everything from sleepwear for men, body, bed and rooms temperature to gadgets and technology that will improve your personal sleep pattern and therefore reduce stress.

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