Our Story

Mastering The Art And Science Of Comfort.

Your new pyjamas are meticulously designed with sleep in mind. Combining only the highest quality materials with innovative one-of-a-kind prints — because genuine comfort is more than just a feeling; it's about self expression.

When you're comfortable, you sleep well, and when you sleep well, you can conquer the world.

Where form meets function so you can rest easy and sleep uniquely.

Welcome to Drift Sleepwear.

Model wearing panama printed mens pyjama shorts with a white organic cotton pyjama top
Drift sleepwear mens loungewear brand founders
Meet The Founders

Holly has roots planted in the lifestyle inherent to her birthplace Goa, where the ‘Susegad’ philosophy reigns – which means living life the slow way, a concept that resonates with the laid-back nation of NZ, Sean’s birthplace.

While Holly always had plenty of sleepwear to choose from, Sean often opted to sleep au naturel, as 30% of men do, struggling to find top quality sleepwear that goes beyond checks and stripes.

So we set out to create the ultimate pair of PJs for Men.



A relaxed, contented form of life,
associated with the Indian state of Goa.

We want to share our philosophy and inspire others to celebrate the rituals of sleep and taking time out to relax—which includes throwing on supremely comfortable sleepwear that reflects your own individuality.

mens 100% cotton pyjama shorts drift sleepwear

What We Live By

Mastering our Craft

We take great pride in our work, forever challenging ourselves to improve what we do and create the most comfortable pyjamas on the planet.

Investing In Quality

With an emphasis on functionality and thoughtful design, we seek out high grade sustainable materials that provide enduring comfort.

Pushing Boundaries

We believe in courage and self-expression. Fostering a sense of adventure by challenging norms, celebrating individuality and drawing inspiration from remote places.