10 Best Men’s Pyjama Bottoms : The Ultimate Guide (2021)

Best Mens PJ Bottoms The Ultimate Guide 2021

You spend a third of your life sleeping. That's a long time.

Selecting the right PJs is just as important as choosing the right bed.

But with so many men's pyjama bottoms on offer, how do you know what to look for and which ones are best?

We've done all the hard research so you don't have to.

So whether you're looking for yourself or trying to find the perfect present for him...

Let's dive right in.

And if you're wondering - is it 'Pyjamas' or 'Pajamas'?

It's the age-old question!

Truth be told - there's no real difference. You can use either spelling.

The word 'Pyjamas' comes from an Indian language meaning 'Wear to bed'. The word 'Pajamas' is an anglicised version of the word which is used primarily in America.

1) Different types of sleepwear for men

Like people, nightwear for men comes in many different shapes and styles.

Full 'Button Up' Sets (In both long and short options)

Matching sets are the most stereotypical style of men's sleepwear, consisting of a shirt (long sleeve) and trousers. These are very traditional, dating back to the 14th century, and are the ones you will most likely see in old movies (even worn with a sleep bonnet / nightcap at times!)

Men tend to get hotter than women when they sleep however, so most guys end up ditching the top and just use the bottoms.

PJ Trousers (Lounge Pants)

PJ trousers and/or lounge pants are loose-fitting with no buttons or zips. Everything here is designed with comfort in mind. You can by them in a set but they are often sold individually these days. Couple them with dressing gowns for the ultimate Sunday outfit.

PJ Shorts

PJ Shorts are also a common mens sleepwear option, more popular in the warmer months. Again, these are sold both in sets and individually.


An alternative to PJ Shorts is simply wearing briefs or boxer shorts. This is a cheaper option but seeing as they aren't designed for the purpose of sleep they may not be as comfortable and tend to ride up.

2) What makes a good pair of men's PJs

The most important thing that men care about when looking for loungewear and sleepwear is comfort. Hands down it is the winner by a long shot.

How do we know?

We ran a survey and found out that 71% of men rated comfort as 10 out of 10 in terms of importance when choosing sleepwear.

Mens sleep survey comfort pyjama ranking

You can learn more about the sleepwear survey results here


3) Top things to consider when buying PJ bottoms for men

Now that we have covered the different types of PJs and know what men care about, let's take a closer look at what you need to consider before making your purchase and why certain materials and construction methods may be preferred.

What fabrics are best for pyjamas?


Cotton is the most common fabric used in nightwear. It is a natural material that wicks away moisture and regulates body temperature keeping you cool while sleeping.


Pure silk pajamas are rare to find and tend to be much more expensive due to the limited availability and high production costs.

Silk mens pyjamas are beneficial for those with sensitive skin as it is hypoallergenic but at a cost of being less breathable than cotton.

Polyester / Synthetic

Steer clear of these! It is the least breathable fabric and can be very uncomfortable to wear while sleeping.

If you do end up buying mens polyester pyjama pants then make sure you wash them before use as they will emit a chemical smell that is quite unpleasant!

Elastane Blend

Cotton and Silk don't have a huge amount of elasticity. Some lounge bottoms will have elastane blended with them to give a little stretch potentially making them more comfortable.

Elastane is a synthetic fabric though so it's a good idea to check the percentage used in the fabric first - avoid anything over 5%.

The all-important style

The 'classic' pyjama set typically comes in stripes and checks. These are the ones you are most likely to see Grandad in.

Plain designs and block colours are considered bland when it comes to mens sleepwear so coloured detailing is often added. But it all depends on individual style and taste.

Remember, when you are at home you can be as creative and outgoing as you want!

It's time to express yourself.

Bespoke multi coloured prints are all the rage. Bold contrasting colours and striking imagery is made possible with the latest digital printing techniques so there's no limits to what styles can be produced.

Did you know that Star Wars branded pyjamas are one of the most popular designs there are? And no, not just for kids.

There are no rules here - let your imagination run wild.

The price point

More expensive doesn't always mean better quality when it comes to loungewear. Likewise, cheaper doesn't always mean they are going to fall apart after one night.

However, there are a number of factors that impact price that you should understand during your search:

  • The manufacturing process (Bespoke vs mass produced). If brands are buying in bulk, it will be cheaper per item.
  • Fabric type and quality will change the raw costs for production
  • Printed fabrics with detailed designs require more time and effort to produce compared to single colour plain designs.
  • Brand image - Some brands simply charge more for their products due to their positioning strategy. Price is set to create exclusivity as opposed to being based on production costs.

Long story short. There is a wide range of prices for men's pyjamas.

Budget options are available which will still look stylish and feel comfortable without making a dent in your bank balance. Just be careful to check fabrics and production methodologies to make sure corners aren't being cut!

And at the other end of the spectrum - make sure you are buying quality and aren't simply paying for a brand name - unless that's all you what you wanted in the first place of course!

The Fit and Sizing

Pyjamas aren't like jeans. They are designed to be much more loose and baggy, but that is their beauty. This means you can often go up or down a size as necessary to ensure you find the perfect fit.

Make sure you know your measurements and check them against size charts before buying.

With loose hanging cuffs the length is less critical so it's best to look at waist measurements first and foremost.

Most mens pyjama pants have elasticated waistbands or drawstrings making them easy to slip on after a long day. So it's often safer to size up as they can always be tightened.

Typical sizes in most collections range from S - XL with some brands offering XXL and even XXXL. But what's most important is the specific measurements on their size chart.

Expert Tip: The squat test

If you want to quickly test whether or not a pair of pyjama trousers will be comfortable throughout the night - simply pop them on and do a squat.

If you can get to a reasonable depth without feeling restricted around the crotch and thighs then you are good to go!

Do Pyjamas need pockets?

Although this sounds somewhat silly... remember that most guys wear PJs when lounging around the house too. So additional features like pockets can be a real bonus for storing a phone - or anything for that matter.

OK, so now you know the factors of what to look for.

We are here to help in your search!

We've done all the complex research for you and handpicked the best pyjama bottoms for men based on the criteria outlined above - and there are some fantastic options here across a range of prices.

Drumroll please.....

4) Our list of best men's PJ bottoms to buy in 2021 (under £100)

Drift Sleepwear 

Men's Long Pyjama Bottoms Two Models
Three flat lays of pyjama trousers for men Price: £69

What we love:

  • Made from premium materials: 100% lightweight cotton
  • Brand is exclusive to men: products made specifically for guys
  • Feature exclusive hand-painted prints - designed in London
  • Relaxed fit for superior comfort - extra room through the crotch
One tree planted with every sale with Just One Tree

Added Bonus: The team at Drift Sleepwear have partnered up with Just One Tree in order to plant a tree with every sale

'We seek partners and suppliers who share a common vision of sustainability and accountability—acting out our key values throughout the supply chain. All of our partners are BSTI certified—ensuring there is fair remuneration, no discrimination and safe working conditions in the making of our pyjamas.' - Holly, Co-Founder of Drift Sleepwear



Hanro pyjama bottoms

Price: £74

What we love:

A sophisticated yet understated design, providing a pathway to absolute luxury, making you feel completely at ease in your own skin.



M&S PJ Bottoms Long

 Price: £25

What we love:

The price! If you're looking for a bargain then this combo pack provides just that.


Bonsoir Of London

Bonsoir of London Men's Pyjama Bottoms

Price: £55

What we love:

Crafted from a sumptuously soft 100% brushed cotton for those colder nights, featuring a fully elasticated waist and concealed button fly.


The White Company

The white company men's loungewear trousers

Price: £35

What we love:

The contrasting drawstring set against the block colour adds just a hint of detail, making for a classic design with a touch of differentiation.


5) Our list of best men's PJ bottoms to buy in 2021 (over £100)

Paul Smith

Paul Smith pyjama trousers for men

Price: £140

What we love:

It's stripes with a twist. Safe yet distinctive. Familiar yet fresh.


Tom Ford

Tom Ford silk pyjamas for men

Price: £580

What we love:

Made in Italy from the finest silk. These are sure to feel like an absolute dream.


Derek Rose

Derek Rose Pyjama Trousers

Price: £105

What we love:

Made from flannel cotton with an impressive pocket count of 4! Store all your prized possessions as you roam around the house.



Zimmerli Men's Lounge Bottoms

Price: £150

What we love:

The striking multicolour design is incredibly detailed and somewhat entrancing.


Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabanna Leopard Pyjama Bottoms

Price: £725

What we love:

Featuring a stunning leopard print and contrast piping, this is a serious pair of luxury 100% silk pyjamas - with a price tag to match.

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