We’re Planting a Tree with Every Order — Because the World Needs to Breathe

One tree planted with every order - Just One Tree

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, and the second-best time is now,” says proverbial Chinese wisdom, and we can’t agree more.

Mother Earth is calling. And we’re picking up the call. With Drift Sleepwear, you’re not just going to rest on cloud nine, but you’ll also sleep soundly knowing that your pyjamas contribute to healing the planet.

We call this a win-win scenario. Drift Sleepwear will plant one tree for every order made. Your new pyjamas = new trees in Zambia, Indonesia, Haiti, Madagascar and other global lungs desperately grasping for CPR.

This initiative will not just deliver pyjamas but also more oxygen into the atmosphere.

Drift Sleepwear is a for-profit company, so why are we doing all this?

We aren’t just a company. We are a set of individuals. We share the planet just like everyone else.

Yes – we could drive down costs and focus purely on profit. But that’s not what we’re about. We care about doing the right thing – even if it’s only small things – each and every day.

We don’t have to stress how vital green surfaces are. Deforestation of global lungs, including Amazon and Borneo, is a striking issue of our generation. The human race has been splurging Earth’s resource like it’s one big game of Monopoly, and now it's time to give back.

At Drift Sleepwear we’re lucky enough to have a platform to drive change.

We appreciate that 'Sustainability' has become a real buzz word, thrown around all over the place without any real substance. So instead let's focus on real, tangible and affirmative action.

We're teaming up with change makers

We have always supported individual action. If you have enough like-minded people, you can accomplish great things. Instead of waiting for governments and Fortune 500 corporations to change the world, we have joined forces with Just One Tree (JOT) to support global reforestation. Just One Tree is a non-profit organisation that is tackling the concerning CO2 levels.

The organisation has planted 884k+ trees to date. JOT ​also provides training, agricultural education and supports sustainable income in poverty-stricken areas, which ​simultaneously improves livelihoods and helps mitigate adverse climate effects.

Drift Sleepwear x Just One Tree

Please, don’t be afraid of big numbers

You don’t have to plant a million trees to make a change. It’s the small actions you can take right now that make a difference at scale. Your Pound is your vote. You can effectively vote with your wallet when you buy sustainably conscious brands. Simple things like switching to eco-friendly products and buying from ethically sourced brands give momentum in creating a more breathable future. Vote for the future.

Incremental changes snowball into global impact.

We at Drift Sleepwear have always put sustainability and responsibility above generating fat bottom lines. Some would call us crazy, but we don’t know any different. Our Pyjamas are 100% cotton, ethically sourced and won’t wreak havoc on global well-being. For perspective, clothing polyester production emits 282 billion kg of CO 2 every year —which is 3x more than cotton production.

Today is the most crucial time to take a stand.

Fast fashion and producing unethical goods negatively impacts the earth, our skin, and those around us who we appreciate wholeheartedly. We could use inexpensive but potentially harmful materials and produce high-volume low-quality products. But that will affect humanity. Waste not, want not.

However, being ethical doesn’t mean you have to sleep in Grandma’s old pants

While we promote sustainability, we do not compromise on style. We believe ethical clothes are a fashion statement. Instead of plastic bags containing more plastic bags, our orders come packaged in re-usable cotton bags and wrapped in recycled tissue paper. All items are then enclosed in a cardboard mailing box, secured with paper tape, both of which can be recycled.

We do everything in our capacity to keep the carbon footprint as low as humanly possible. It’s crucial that we leave the earth in good shape, if not better than we inherited it. Sadly, we’re doing the opposite right now.

Everything around us is dying in an accelerated misery. Think about your kids, grandkids and future generations that could potentially suffer from frequent hurricanes, earthquakes and floods if we don’t act right now. We’re inviting you to act in a way that contributes to building a better future. We know you’re busy, so we’ve made this process easy and seamless. Your investment will not just bring a smile to your face but also let Mother Earth take a long breath.

For all apparent reasons and beyond, we’re officially working with Just One Tree to heal global forests. Just One Tree will plant a tree — your tree — for every upcoming order. The incentive comes at no extra cost for all our customers.

This is just a little effort on our end to ensure that we give back.

You are the real hero in this story

Your love for stylish and comfortable pyjamas has encouraged us to expand our business.

And we’re not stopping here. This is the beginning of many new initiatives we’re taking to promote sustainability and community. We have come this far because of you, and we’ll further support this issue with your constant encouragement. Sustainability is not an Us vs Them issue. It is Our collective problem and responsibility.

At Drift Sleepwear, our mission has always been to continuously improve, and so we are always looking for initiatives to serve you and serve the planet in the future. Feel free to get in touch!

Until then, our pyjamas are breathable, comfortable and will bring out your A-game in bed — for sleep, of course.


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