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It's no secret that starting your morning off on the right foot can make a huge difference in how productive and effective you'll be throughout the day. Unfortunately, far too many people make the mistake of starting their mornings off with routines that prevent them from making any progress. Perhaps this is where the expression to 'get out of the wrong side of bed' comes from? A bad mood can simply be blamed on a single event early in the day!

So follow along with our new #1 guide on the best way to start your morning.

1. Your Morning Starts The Night Before

We get it - you're a party animal. You want to rage the night away, work night or not. Unfortunately, your morning self is going to be kicking you. Last night's dinner shouldn't be fresh in your stomach still. Show your morning self some class and get to bed at a decent time. According to the CDC, here is what you should be getting for sleep:

  • Teenagers - 8 to 10 Hours
  • Adults - More than 7 Hours
  • Seniors - 7 to 9 Hours

One way to ensure this happens is to set a bedtime alarm as opposed to a morning alarm. This way you can be alerted when you should be starting to wind down and will start building habits around putting down your phone and slipping into some organic pyjamas.

Did you know that "nearly half of the UK have trouble falling asleep at least once a month." Are you one of those people struggling to fall asleep? Try the 'bedtime alarm' and let us know how you go!

Now that we got that out of the way, let us look at the two major things that help you get a good sleep.

Pitch Black Darkness and No Electronics

This one should be pretty easy to understand. Our bodies produce melatonin (the sleepy hormone) when it's dark out. If you want to fall asleep easier, make your room as dark as possible. That means no electronics with screens that emit blue light. So yes, that includes your phone and television. Ambient noise is okay as long as it isn't too loud. If you want to read before bed, pick up a real book instead of reading on your Kindle or phone.

Your Clothes...Or Lack There Of

You want to be comfortable when you sleep, so you don't toss and turn all night long. If you are looking for the ultimate comfort (yes, even comfier than being naked), look no further than our pyjama shorts for men. Toss your scraggly ripped-up boxers away and enjoy these lux sleepwear shorts. Made with 100% organic cotton (don't get us started on the benefits again), they will keep you comfortable all night long. When you wake up first thing in the morning with these PJ shorts on, your body will thank you.

Remember - If you're serious about the best way to start your morning and maximize productivity, you need to start the night before. Getting a good night's sleep is essential for having the energy and focus you need to be productive during the day.

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Hera Organic Pyjama Shorts for Men

Empty Your Head

A simple way to reduce stress and mindless thinking as you are trying to sleep it to write it all down as part of your bedtime routine. Try writing your to-do list for the following day right before you go to bed - this will prevent you from subconsciously worrying about everything throughout the night.


2. Get Up Early and Don't Hit Snooze

Now that you got to sleep early and have your needed hours in, it's time to get the blood flowing again. One of the most important things you can do is make sure that you're getting up early enough to start your day off at a leisurely pace. We don't mean leisurely hitting the snooze button for 45 minutes and then rushing to get ready. There's nothing worse than starting your day off in a rush and trying to play catch up all day long. You can take your time getting ready for the day by getting up early. But why, you might ask?

Benefits of Getting Up Early

  • Waking up early allows for more time...for everything (breakfast, skincare, showering etc.)
  • Reduces anxiety, no need to worry, you have as much time as you need
  • Enjoy more time to yourself when you wake up early and improve your self-care (Sleep Advisor)
  • You will feel happier. Until you do it consistently, you will never realize how much happier you feel (AmeriSleep)
  • See the beautiful sunrise, when was the last night you saw it?

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Best Way To Start Your Morning 2022

3. Create Morning Habits and Routines

One of the best ways to make your mornings more productive is to create a consistent morning routine that you can follow each day. This might include reading for 30 minutes, working out, journaling, meditating, or anything else that helps you start your day off on the right foot. Having a set routine will help to ensure that you're making the most of your mornings and not wasting time.

Before you start your day, take a few minutes to set your intentions for the day. What are you grateful for? What do you hope to accomplish? What kind of mood do you want to be in? By taking a few minutes to think about your goals and outlook, you'll be more likely to attack the day in a positive way.

Next, start your day with something that brings you joy. This could be listening to your favourite song, reading a few pages of a good book, or spending time with your pet. Whatever it is, make sure it's something that makes you happy and sets the tone for the rest of your day.

Activities to Add to Your Morning Routine

  • Drink a tall glass of water or lemon water
  • Let some bright light in from outside
  • Get out of bed and then make your bed immediately as your first 'achievement'
  • Focus on how you are feeling, where is your head at
  • Strive for mental clarity before you get out of bed. Try to avoid opening up emails as the first thing you do.

As puts it:

"The internet is chock-full of morning routine ideas, as well as examples of how the great and good organise their mornings. But the truth is no one can tell you what constitutes the perfect morning routine for you but you."

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Best Morning Routine for Men 2022

4. Eat a Healthy Breakfast (Most Important Meal)

Another essential element of starting your day off right is to make sure that you're eating a healthy breakfast. Skipping breakfast altogether or grabbing something quick and unhealthy will not lead to a good morning. However, eating a nutritious breakfast full of healthy fats is a great way to fuel your body and mind for the day ahead.

Breakfast Suggestions to Start the Morning Off Right

  • Eat breakfast (yes, many people just don't eat breakfast and start the day on an empty stomach)
  • Choose foods with healthy fats (avocados, whole eggs, nuts, whole grains)
  • Drink something other than coffee (if you are getting enough sleep, you don't need strong coffee in the morning)
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Breakfast in bed

5. Focus On The Things You Can Control

One of the best ways to reduce stress in the morning is to focus on what you can control. There's no need to worry about things out of your hands. Instead, focus on what you can change and make a positive impact.

Things You Can Control

  • The alarm clock - make sure it is set for the time you need to wake up
  • Your morning habits - take control of your time and make the most of it
  • What you eat for breakfast - fuel your body with healthy foods
  • Physical Health - start the day with some push-ups, and soon enough, you will have more energy than you realize
  • Consistency - Be consistent with your self-care throughout the whole day

By focusing on these things, being awake will become second nature. It may sound funny, but being awake can seem like the biggest chore. Although you may want to stay in your Organic Sleepwear for Men all day, you can't stay in bed all day.

Planning For Tomorrow, Today

Sleep is such an integral part of our everyday life. It truly affects every aspect of our being. Serotonin (hormone) helps provide our body with feel-good neurotransmitters. It regulates your sleep, appetite, and mood. When we don't get enough sleep, our bodies don't produce enough serotonin. This can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression. So it's vital to get a good night's sleep to wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested.

Think about what you are doing throughout the day and if it will help you sleep better. Many people ignore good habits because they seem inconvenient. Exercise, open sunlight, and vitamin C are just a few of the many habits you can begin working on today. Even doing the dirty dishes the night before can positively affect your sleep.

Everyone Is Different

Although there are general guidelines to follow, you need to find what works best for you. Experiment with different routines and find the one that suits you best. You may want to wake up earlier or sleep in later. You may want to eat breakfast or not. Just remember, the goal is to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start your day. And with the increase in at-home working, you can feel refreshed all day in our sleepwear for men collection.

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