How To Best Celebrate International Pyjamas Day 2023

How To Best Celebrate International Pyjamas Day Drift Sleepwear

Imagine a day which is solely dedicated to lounging around and wearing your pyjamas all day. Does that day exist? It sure does - it is International Pyjamas Day on the 6th of April!

International Pyjamas Day is the perfect opportunity to stock up on comfy sleepwear and celebrate the ultimate comfort that only comes with wearing pyjamas for an entire day (or week!). Whether you choose to stay inside, go to work or make a celebration of it, we got it covered! In this article we have four suggestions on how to get the most out of your pyjama-filled fun day! So get ready for a meaningful celebration that will make this International Pyjamas Day one for the books!

Treat Yourself To New Sleepwear From Drift Sleepwear!

We strongly believe that you don't need a needs a reason to buy new pyjamas. But just in case you needed an excuse, International Pyjamas Day is the perfect day to treat yourself to somenew comfy sleepwear for men from Drift Sleepwear.

Whether you're someone who loves to lounge in pyjamas all day, or just look forward to slipping into them after a long day at work, Drift Sleepwear has got you covered. Made from high-quality organic cotton, Drift Sleepwear's pyjamas are as stylish as they are comfortable, and with a range of designs to choose from, there's something to suit all tastes. So go ahead and treat yourself to a new pair of pyjamas because, let's be honest, life is too short to wear boring or uncomfortable sleepwear!

Kabini King Organic Cotton Sleepwear for Men from Drift SleepwearMoluccan Cockatoo Pyjama Bottoms Set from Drift Sleepwear

Celebrate International Pyjamas Day By Wearing Your Pyjamas To Work!

Who says pyjamas are only for bed or chilling around in on a Sunday? Not us!

Get ready to roll out of bed, put on your favourite pair of organic cotton pyjamas, and head to work - because it's International Pyjamas Day! A day to celebrate comfort, relaxation, and having a little extra fun in the workplace. So why not swap out your suit for something a little cosier? Besides, who wouldn't want to trade in their stiff office clothes for a comfy pair of pyjamas? So join in on the fun, show off your funky pyjamas from Drift Sleepwear, and let's make this a day to remember!

new navy organic cotton pyjama t-shirts for men by drift sleepwear on model lifestyle shootPanama Pyjama Shorts Set from Drift Sleepwear

Make It a Movie Night (Or Day)!

What's better than a cozy evening in your PJs? Why not celebrate International Pyjamas Day by gathering your closest friends, queueing up some of your favourite movie and make movie night of it!

Get ready to share some laughs, jump with fright, or cry your heart out as you take a journey through your personal movie collection. Whether it's a classic rom-com, an edge-of-your-seat thriller, or an action-packed adventure, the options are endless. So, put on your pyjamas, grab some popcorn and settle in for a night filled with laughter, memories, and most importantly, the comfiest outfit you own!

Gifting Is Not only For Christmas & Birthdays!

It's time to break free from the gifting norms! Who said gifts are only meant for Christmas, birthdays and Mothers/Fathers Day? We say, let's celebrate International Pyjamas Day with a gift!

And what better way to surprise that special guy in your life than with some cozy new sleepwear for men? Treat someone who deserves to feel comfy and stylish at the same time. Plus, who doesn't love a good night's sleep? So go ahead, be the charming trendsetter in your circle and gift some new sleepwear - because hey, who needs an occasion to show love?

If you re unsure which of our fantastic prints he would like, then why not give him a Drift Sleepwear Gift Card!

Luxury black gift box for Drift Sleepwear mens pyjama brand

For only £5, you can get a luxury gift box for your new sleepwear from Drift Sleepwear!

All in all, International Pyjama Day is the time to treat yourself, your friends and family, or even your colleagues. Don’t be afraid to break out of the ordinary and bring your sleepwear out into the world on April 6th this year. From buying yourself a new pair from Drift Sleepwear, adding a touch of pyjama-clad fun to your office party or hosting a movie night - be sure to make this year’s International Pyjama Day a day to remember – and don’t forget the popcorn!

So if you want a great way to celebrate International Pyjamas Day on April 6th – head over to Drift Sleepwear for some luxurious pyjama sets that you won't regret investing in. Here's wishing you a joyous and comfortable celebration of pyjamaliciousness! Psst... Don't forget to sign up to our newsletter - to get 15% off your first order! 

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