Christmas Gift Guide for Lazy & Relaxed Men

Christmas Gift Guide for Lazy & Relaxed Men Drift Sleepwear 2022

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you're still struggling to find the perfect gift for the lazy, relaxed and chill man in your life, look no further! This blog post is packed with ideas that will make his holiday season a little bit easier. From sleepwear to tech, we have everything you need to put a smile on his face. So sit back, relax, and take a look at our top picks for Christmas gifts for lazy and relaxed men!

Christmas Guide for Lazy and Relaxed Men 2022

If you are looking for thoughtful gifts to give that lazy person in your life this festive season, keep reading and check out the following 8 gift ideas...

1) Sleepwear for Men - The Perfect Christmas Gifts

What could possibly be one of the best gifts for a man who loves to relax and feel lazy, or who loves to lounge around the house? A new pair of sleepwear for men of course!

Drift Sleepwear is a UK-based men’s sleepwear brand, challenging the bland bedroom uniform. We tell stories through our hand-drawn exclusive prints, calling upon inspiration from faraway places and cultures. Designed for your comfort, our organic pyjamas for men are created with a unique fit, using only premium materials that are soft, breathable, and lightweight. We believe that a new pair of men's sleepwear is a great gift, for any man, for any occasion!

Click here to check out the different designs of organic cotton sleepwear for men Drift Sleepwear offers. All orders come in a cotton bag, perfect to store the sleepwear for men in!

Organic Sleepwear Pyjama Bottom for Men Drift SleepwearGrey organic sleepwear t shirt and Panama pyjama bottoms from Drift Sleepwear

We believe that a new pair of sleepwear is a great gift for any man, for any occasion. We are certain he'll love a new set of sleepwear for men!

2) A Personalised Cup for His Morning Coffee

If the man in your life is the kind of person who needs a strong coffee in the morning to wake up...

Then this gift is perfect for him! A stylish mug from Photo Box that can be personalised with his name or photo, so he can start his day with a cup that's made just for him. And if you are looking for more unusual gifts this Christmas, then have a look through the other personalised items Photo Box offers. We are sure you will find the perfect gifts!

Christmas Gift Personalised Cup for MenProduct: Photo Box Personalised Coffee Cup

3) A New Alarm Clock

Does he struggle to get out of bed in the morning? Does he tend to click the snooze buttons a million times and then have to rush in the morning? Then we know the perfect gift this Christmas! An alarm clock which will force him out of bed! 

This clock smart and contemporary clock is silent when ticking but has a snooze-free bell that'll go off until you actively pick it up and turn it off. Perfect for lazy and heavy sleepers!

Christmas Gift Green Vintage Alarm Clock

Products: Kpin Green Square Analog Alarm Clock

4) Coffee Maker

There's a famous saying that goes "Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all". But we think that everyone (who drinks coffee) deserves a good start in the morning, with a good coffee!

So if the lazy person you are buying a Christmas gift needs caffeine in the morning, then why not treat him to a new instant pot coffee maker!

Tassimo Instant Coffee Machine Christmas Gift Present UKTassimo Coffee Machine

5) A New Luxury Pillow

Is he always complaining about his neck hurting or not being able to get comfortable at night? Not getting enough sleep at night could result in one feeling tired all day...

Then a new pillow might be the perfect gift for him! We would recommend the Tri-Fold Pillow With Wool Filling from Natural Bed Company. A comfortable and supportive tri-fold pillow designed so that is easy to air out moisture and wash out any bacteria that may build over time. When folded into the cotton pocket, this appears like any other pillow and fits into a standard-sized pillowcase. However, when unfolded, the pillow can be easily washed and dried.

This pillow is sure to help him get a good night's sleep, so he can wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Tri-Fold Pillow With Wool Filling from Natural Bed CompanyTri-Fold Pillow With Wool Filling from Natural Bed Company

6) Cosy Blanket from The British Blanket Company

A blanket from The British Blanket Company is the perfect gift for that one lazy friend who loves to spend time on the couch, in front of the tv or fireplace. Why not gift it together with a wine glass and bottle of his favourite wine?

Rowan and Beech Red Wildweave ThrowRowan and Beech Red Wildweave Throw

7) Slippers - Perfect Gifts for a Lazy Friend

On a lazy day, a pair of comfortable and stylish slippers for men will be the cherry on top. Get him out of his boots and into something indulgent.

The highly recommended slipper from Catherine Tough will do the job! Slippers made of sheepskin and lambswool slippers which are both very comfortable and warm! There's nothing better than spending a lazy winter day at home in some of these slippers along with a pair of pyjama bottoms and dressing gowns!

Cosy Blue Slippers from Catherine ToughCosy Blue Slippers from Catherine Tough

8) Audio Book Subscription

An audiobook subscription is a great Christmas gift that anyone can benefit from! Young or old, man or woman an audiobook subscription is a great way for anyone to experience books, especially for people who like to relax and take it easy!

So gift your friends an audiobook subscription and watch them kick off their boots and enter the world of endless stories!

Audiobook Subscription. Image by Lena Kudryavtseva on Unsplash Audiobook Subscription. Image by Lena Kudryavtseva on Unsplash

Thank you!

We hope that you have enjoyed this list of good and cool gifts for lazy, relaxed and chill men. If you would like to read more about sleepwear for men, gift ideas (Christmas and Birthday gifts) and other amazing stuff, then head over to our blog!

Cover Photo: Photo by Kateryna Hliznitsova on Unsplash

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